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Looking to work with Christin?

An engaging and energetic speaker, Christin has the ability to interact with audiences to bring focus to the topic, create reflection and action, and  empower.

Speaking and Training Topics:

  • Leading with Confidence: Transforming Individuals and Teams through Shared Confidence

  • Embracing Failure as a Path to Success: Overcoming Setbacks and Maximizing Lessons Learned

  • How I Turned 40 and Found My 7-Year Old Self: Embracing and Maximizing Authenticity to Support Professional Development

  • Empowering Women in Leadership: Breaking Barriers and Promoting Gender Equality

  • It is My Time: Managing the Root, Reasons, and Results for Time Management

  • Realistically Navigating Work, Life, and Maybe Balance?

  • Business Acumen: Navigating Business with Balanced Goals and Actions

  • Overcoming Self-Imposed Challenges: Choosing to Be Accountable

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