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"You cannot stumble upon greatness; you walk up to it and introduce yourself," is the drum I march to. I did not always realize it, but as I have matured and lived a bit, I know this to be nothing less than the truth.

From my childhood growing up on the south side of Memphis, Tennessee, I knew I wanted to pursue everything my mind could create. I knew that if I wanted it all, I would have to be intentional, put in the work, and make it happen. Thus, I am proud to say I am a published author, business professional, entrepreneur, screenwriter, change agent, community advocate, leadership enthusiast, and national speaker. I am asked all the time, "How do you do it all?" My answer is always the same, "I do not." No one does. I have figured out, what we can do, is find purpose and passion, realistically plan, and live out loud through it all. Happiness will absolutely find itself between the threads.

I also learned that it is essential to inspire not only ourselves but others as well. As the late Shirley Chisolm said, "Service is the rent we pay for the privilege of living on this earth." We do that by choosing to give back, to reach out, and to lend ourselves to those seeking it or not. Over the last 15+ years, I have chosen to be a part of multiple community and national organizations, whether rolling up my sleeves or serving on various boards to help progress the missions of each. I love leadership on every level and have been blessed to take on roles that have afforded me growing opportunities and meeting people where they are. 

Today, I lead as CEO of The Greater You Leadership Series (TGYLS). It is a leadership training and development and consulting agency for all audiences. I have been in leadership and government procurement for a combined 20 years and strive to educate government procurement professionals and contribute to the procurement industry. On top of that, I genuinely want to be a beacon of light and hope for my 'why,' my daughter, Jasmine.

I am here to share and look forward to working with you. Whether it's consulting, hosting, facilitating, or speaking, do not hesitate to reach out. Let's lead and grow together.

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